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I'm a junior project manager & web developer from France.


IKEALead developer (front & back-end)

During this project, which ran for two intensive weeks, I developed an application the players of which could play an instrument with their mobile phone synchronized with the stage on the computer screen. I used various technologies like Node.JS, Socket.io, Express. In addition, I released the application on a Nodejitsu server.

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BUZZIKProject manager, front developer

For this school project we had to develop a service connected to three APIs (we chose Deezer, Facebook & Twitter). We have imagined Buzzik, a blindtest competition between friends. You only need to synchronize your mobile phone with the application, and you can buzz with it when you recognize the track. For this project, we used Node.JS, Socket.io, Express and HTML5 & CSS3.

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TILLYProject manager, writer

During this school project we were asked to develop a mobile application for a company called LaFing. We had several private APIs at our disposal such as Intermarche, Axa and Google. We had to use that data, and chose to imagine a service for flatmates to improve their daily life concerning groceries management. Feel free to check the project for more details.

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AGENCE SEOFront developer, writer, seo

In this project, I had to write and organize the content, merge WordPress with the template & search pictures. It was a freelance mission for seo company based in Paris.

REFERENCEMENT NATURELFront & back-end developer, writer, seo

In this project, I had to write the content, merge WordPress with the template and create new templates. It was a freelance mission for a Paris-based SEO company.

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ORANGE (internship)Javascript & iOS Developer

I built social modules for Sosh.fr and Cineday.fr, I had to combine several APIs such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Then I coded a joystick for an iOS plateform. The goal of this app was to move a point on a screen with your own mobile phone.

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SMS-COMMUNICATIONProject manager, back-end developer,

I had to manage this project from beginning to end. The platform allows to send text message to thousands of people. The user could run diary, contacts, groups and phones numbers. I had to contact and manage a designer and a front-end developer in addition to my client.
NB : The client has made ​​changes to the project.


Junior project manager & web developer

I'm currently living in Paris where I study Digital Project Management and Web Development. Everyday I use modern technologies like Node.JS, ElasticSearch, Sails, and APIs. I also have skills in PHP, SQL, jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3 too.

I started coding when I was 14. I've always been in touch with the IT world through my dad. I've been experiencing the Internet for 6 years now. I have been working freelance for 2 years.

I'm a very motivated and curious person, I think challenges are the best way to go ahead !

Feel free to check my resume on Linkedin and follow me on Twitter. If you have any request, please contact me.

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