Photography like many art forms is a talent. Not all of us have the eye and instinct of spotting photo opportunities.

Website design like photography takes an individual talent that is able to mesh photos and web design to achieve a visually stunning website. A site can offer unparalleled exposure to a photographer’s photography portfolio by sharing it with fans and prospects the world over.

The website design in itself should also attract attention. However, it needs to match the tone of the photography being displayed.

Html templates can offer numerous customization choices allowing you to craft pages that will always appeal while allowing you the ability to tweak every detail and alter any setting. In fact, you do not need advanced web development expertise to achieve allowing template users to make aesthetic and practical changes at will with no difficulty.

Below we take a look at some of the best photography templates

Studio 9

Every element of studio 9 is geared towards expanding and enhancing your online presence. This template manages to blend simplicity and modernity seamlessly resulting in a magnificent product.

It is worth noting that the layout is responsive and adaptable to any resolution as well as any sized screen from a laptop, desktop, mobile screen to tablets.


  • 3 distinct layout for headers
  • Responsive to any screen size
  • Custom palettes
  • Amazing animation
  • Embed videos

For those looking to design a top quality freelance photography or creative agency website, Studio 9 is an excellent choice.


Uno is versatile and can adapt to a multitude of websites. It is a simple but modern Html / CSS3 photography site template.

The code is well written and guarantees an optimized browsing experience that both you and your customers will enjoy.


  • 2 different layout skins
  • 3 home layouts
  • 14 gallery layouts
  • 6 portfolio layouts
  • 6 blog layouts
  • 2 contact layouts
  • Fully responsive

For Uno customers, lack of customization options will never be a problem.

The documentation source is well laid out and detailed such that even if you are a new user, the information proves helpful and makes the task less daunting.

Being fully responsive, your customers can browse your photographs and content on the go through smart phones and tablets.


Zap is a Html photography website template that has great versatility and innovative, practical features that are each implemented to make your work stand out from the crowd.


  • Slide revolution plug in
  • Parallax animation
  • Fully responsive
  • User-friendly admin panel
  • 7 creative layouts
  • 3 distinct layouts

Slide revolution plugin provides you with the ability to do beautiful, engaging slides that are sure to make your work leap out of the screen.

Its features above can help shine a spot light on your work allowing you to gain respect and a good reputation with customers and prospects. Essentially, they allow your work to capture attention ensuring people have a more thorough look at your photography.

Regardless of your field, the versatility of Zap will serve you well as it can be used with products, business, corporate, photography and portfolio web pages.


The photography website templates mentioned are sure to give your site a sparkle and character that can only serve to accentuate your photography or online portfolio.

Despite various photographers having varied styles and themes, the diversity of choice of these templates and the numerous options therein, ensure that you will always have something customizable to work with that suit the intricacies of the various projects you may be working on. For example, if you theme is babies, you might want to get baby photos to download. Shopify offers many different themes!

Furthermore, they allow you the benefit of changing themes to keep up with the fickle trends of photography.


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Photos speak a thousand words! This is a saying that we have heard quite often