Photos speak a thousand words! This is a saying that we have heard quite often and believed ourselves. Therefore, we try to capture every moment that we deem necessary in the form of photographs.  Advertisers, marketers, and bloggers are always on the look out to discover relevant photos that might help them give greater meaning to their content and blogs. The photography websites that invite contributions from different photographers have set standards. The photography sites templates convey the resolutions in which the photos should be submitted as well as the grid line considerations. Many photographers are against the free libraries and websites that offer free stock photos because in their opinion there is a lot of hard work involved in reaching a point where you start becoming recognized as photographers. Free photographs mean that the photographer is not being paid for the efforts that he has put in. Some of the best free stock photo libraries that you can find on the net are:

  • Unsplash, this is a fantastic place if you are looking for photographs that are candid and have a real feel for it. Anyone who believes that they have the skills and eye for the details, they can submit their photographs. A unique thing about this website is that it does not restrict the contributors to a particular limitations. The photographers can choose any frame, any resolution, there is no need for the photograph to be perfect. This is the beauty of this site, it is not a business-like website, and hence it places more value on the emotions portrayed.
  • Gratisography, yet another fantastic platform that only depicts ethereal, whimsical photos that are out there to make the world a much beautiful and creative place. The photographs present on the website help you grow your own imagination. The pictures are present in various resolutions and sizes and they are pertaining to all walks of life, you simply need to browse and find the ones that you require.
  • Barn Images, this website does not have a contribution system. These sites are owned by two Latvian photographers. They upload new images every week. The photographs are all picture perfect, which capture the essence of daily life coupled with magical serenity and unimaginable beauty. The photographs do not follow any strict limitations of size and resolutions. This website offers a very ingenious and innovative collection of stock photos.