You are in the photography world; you have to make money. But how can you make money through photography? What photography career can you do and make money from it? These are big questions most photographers ask themselves.

There are various careers in the field of photography; from freelance photography to portrait photography. Each career requires different skills. The big thing about photography is that some photography careers offer enough profit to make them suitable for full-time jobs.

I will give you some top profitable photography careers that you should know.

    1. Freelance photography. If you love being your boss rather than working for someone else. You can be a freelance photographer; there are different opportunities you have as a freelance photographer. You can work in the news industry or even the fashion industry. Although it can be quite difficult to establish yourself in the business.

  1. Portrait photography. Portrait photography is a very good photography career. You can take wedding photos and even school pictures. As a portrait photographer, you are only capturing the moment. As a portrait photographer, you can operate out of your studio as well as work on locations. If you are your employer, you will have a lot of job responsibilities like making appointments, billing clients, and processing images.
  1. Photojournalist. Your job as a photojournalist is to document people and events for magazines, newspapers and some other publications. As a photojournalist, you must be a very skilled storyteller. Photojournalist usually works for newspapers or magazines either as staffs or as freelancers to cover events (local, national or international) such as court proceedings, sports or politics.
  1. Commercial photography. Commercial photography is a type of photography career that specializes in helping people to market their services. A commercial photographer’s job is to take pictures of everything (from building to products or services to company employees) for media such as websites, advertisements, and catalogs. Commercial photography is one of the most lucrative careers in photography.
  1. Scientific photography. Scientific photography is a type of photography that documents varieties of subjects to illustrate technical information, record experiments and bring to life some images that are not normally visible to the eyes. Scientific photographers use special imaging equipment and techniques such as underwater photography, infrared photography, and micrography. Scientific photographers usually work for universities, government agencies, or research facilities.